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Invert Sugar Facts, Uses

Invert Sugar

Invert Sugar is a golden yellow viscous syrup. During the manufacturing process, sucrose is hydrolyzed under appropriate conditions to result in equal proportions of fructose and glucose. 

Invert sugar is 25% sweeter than regular sugar, this is why it is ideal for flavored drinks as they need lesser sugar to achieve the same sweetness level and also reduce the carbohydrate level in the drinks. It also dissolves faster than regular sugar. 

Invert sugar becomes brown when it is heated, enhancing its flavor which is ideal for the confectionery industry for making caramel and other toffee sweeteners.

It is easy to store and can be kept for 6 to 9 months after opening, but it should be kept in a cool and dark place, preferably in the refrigerator. If inverted sugar is stored in improper conditions after opening, mold growth can occur, in that case, the syrup should be discarded. 

You can replace regular sugar with invert sugar almost everywhere, and also enjoy similar sweetness levels with 25% fewer carbs. It also exhibits properties like high osmotic pressure, better solubility, and humid nature compared to regular sugar.

Popular Uses of Invert Sugar Facts 

1. Bakeries: In bakeries, it can be used in the preparation of biscuits and pies, not only helping improve texture and caramelization but also enhancing flavor.

2. Cakes and Cookies: The anti-crystallization property helps to improve the quality of the crust, keeping it soft for a long time.

3. Honey: It has similar chemical and physical properties as natural honey, therefore it can be blended with honey or simply used for bee feeding.

4. Pharmaceuticals: It is widely used in cough syrups for flavor enhancement.

5. Herbal Cosmetics: It is a perfect replacement for honey and also retards bacterial activity.

6. Distillery: Besides enhancing flavor it also helps to achieve fermentation and recovery of ethanol. It is also a freezing point depressant.

7. Fruit Processing: For better shelf life and flavor.

8. Squashes and Instant energy drinks: Their glucose and fructose content gives instant energy and better taste.

9. Tobacco Industry: Cigarettes use inverted sugar as a casing to add flavor.

10. Other Foods: As a concentrate in Granola Bars, Indian sweets, and ice cream.

Invert Sugar Selection Tips

As a consumer, you should always prefer invert sugar which is produced using Enzymes (Enzymatic process). In this process, the Enzymatic inversion of sucrose is achieved using a yeast-derived enzyme known as Invertase. 


C12H22O11 + H2O -> C6H12O6 + C6H12O6

(Sucrose) + (Water) ( Invert Sugar)

Invert sugar contains glucose and fructose in equal proportions. Fructose is also known as fruit sugar and is found in fruits and vegetables too. Fructose also has very little effect on blood glucose and limits the secretion of insulin.

 Although Glucose is less sweet than Sucrose (regular sugar) but the combination of fructose and glucose is much sweeter than regular sugar. All this conversion takes place in a carefully controlled environment and temperature conditions.

 About 1 Kg invertase converts 1000 Kg of sugar into Invert sugar with over 95% efficiency. To achieve appropriate pH conditions, citric acid can be added.


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